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FAF Showcase Evening 7:
Wednesday, 18th March, at the Lab

Deadline for submission 2nd March!!!


The theme for this Showcase evening is:

'The Performative, bordering on Performance'

Is there a better instrument than one's own body for the artist to express, articulate and communicate an idea? What is the significance of the artist placing him/herself visibly in their work? What happens when we take the "act" and capture it through recording? With the developments in technology that allow us to easily alter actions through digital manipulation, what are the positive and negative implications of the use and over-use of documentary media in conjunction with performative actions?

There is sufficient debate on the shifting boundaries on what performance is, so, for this Showcase, let us not focus on the definition, but rather the significant and quantifiable possibilities of the Performative, loosely defined as the deliberate actions of the artist represented to the viewer through any medium; Performance, Video, Photography, Sound, etc...

Artists from all disciplines are welcome, as well as those who do not fit into a particular category. The discussion will be chaired by Amanda Coogan. Refreshments served as usual.
Deadline for submission 2nd March

Send applications to: FAF artists group, Market Studios, Crnr. Halston St. & Mary's Lane, Dublin 1.
If you have any questions or need advice in order to complete your application please e-mail us: info@fafartists.com or info@suzannemooney.com
We look forward to hearing from you


About the Showcase Evenings
Currently we, FAF, are running a series of Showcase Evenings at The Lab, Foley street with the support of Dublin City Council and Visual Artists Ireland. To date we have had in excess of 30 selected participating artists.
For the Showcase events, each artist is represented by a 3 minute video segment of a showreel DVD that is then projected in the space. The FAF Showcase Evenings were established as a forum for discussion, as well as Showcasing the artists’ works to their peers and to other interested parties. At the Showcases, the artists are in attendance, along with anyone else who would like to attend (curators, other artists and the generally curious) and an informal discussion is had during the projection and after. A DVD of the event is produced and archived. The intention of these events is to encourage discussion and debate with artists around their arts practice within an informal setting.
In addition to the Showcase events, FAF are also be publishing a series of articles in Visual Artists’ News, by a series of commissioned writers. The commissioned writers so far have been Danny McCarthy and Julie Forrester, Paul O'Brien and Rayne Booth.