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Suzanne Mooney


Suzanne Mooney is an Irish artist currently living and working in Dublin and has exhibited work throughout Ireland and internationally. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art, Virtual Realities, from the National College of Art and Design (2005) and a BA in Fine Art from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design (2002).

Utilising time-based and spacial media she references Romanticism, painting and the Landscape, looking at how we interact within and experience space and Place, individually and collectively. Borrowing motifs and imagery from Romantic painting she seeks to cause us to question our perceptions of the world we live in.
This year, Suzanne had her first Solo Gallery Exhibition in Ireland, and was selected to develop a new performance work for Project brand New, performed in Project Arts Centre in Dublin. In 2007, while on residency at The National Studio in Seoul, she was selected, by the Director of Alternative Space Loop, for Propose 7 vol.2 exhibition at the Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul.

She has been commissioned by Dance Theatre of Ireland, to produce Digital Scenography for three original productions between 2005 and 2008: Watermark, Exodus and Parallel Horizons. Parallel Horizons is touring Korea and Ireland in Autumn/Winter 2008. Suzanne has also worked with The Performance Corporation theatre company and independent performers on a range of different projects.

Suzanne has received support from a number of funding bodies, including The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council and Culture Ireland. She has been awarded residencies in Iceland, Korea, Ireland and Spain and regularly travels to acquire material for new works.
Suzanne is currently based in The Market Studios in Dublin.

Suzanne Mooney also has a background in multimedia production, working on projects such as websites, games, interactive media, video and CD-ROM interfaces for high profile clients.


Genius Loci - Paper Installation, 2008


Genius Loci - High Def. Video, 2008


Something Physical - High Def. Video, 2007
Something Physical - Video Installation, 2007
Something Physical - Video Installation, 2007
Something Physical - Video Installation, 2007


Something Physical, Untitled, Installation, 2008


Drawing (detail), 2008
Drawing (detail), 2008
And Beyond, Giclee Print, 2006
Viewout, Giclee Print, 2006


Breathe Deeply, Commissioned Public Artwork, Seoul, 2007